Liberty Bell Park

Liberty Bell Park  is a park in Jerusalem    containing a replica of the Liberty Bell from which it gets its name. It is located near The First Station, Khan Theater,  the Talbiyeh, German Colony, and Yemin Moshe neighborhoods.

The park was founded in 1976 to celebrate the USA's bicentennial and covering 9 acres

The park include sports facilities such as a skating rings,  basketball courts, a picnic area, a 1,000-seat amphitheater, a music corner and areas for exhibitions, folk dancing and performances.

The park also features a concrete play sculpture named Jerry the Dragon, that was created  by Ulrik Plesner, the Danish-born Israeli architect who designed the park.

The Train Theater, a children's puppet theater, is housed in an old railway carriage at the northern end of Liberty Bell Park. You can read more about The Train Theater here.



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