Casa nova hotel

Casa Nova is located in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem, close to the Franciscan Monastery, San Salvador Monastery, on the street named after the hostel. The hostel is part of the Casa Nova chain of hostels owned by the Custody of the Holy Land and operated by the nearby Franciscan monastery. The name of the hostel in Latin means "new house" and is called this because the hostel is relatively new to the monastery next to it.


The building was built in 1755 on a Franciscan cemetery, with the purpose of serving as a residence for Catholic pilgrims on pilgrimage to Jerusalem. In 1806 more rooms were added to the hostel, while in 1866 the building was rebuilt. The lodge is built around an inner courtyard and in the courtyard is a palm tree that stands about ten meters high. The hostel has 90 rooms furnished with relative simplicity, although there are services in each room.