Talpiot Haas Promenade (ha-Tayelet)

Connecting East Talpiot and Talpiot is the Haas Promenade (ha-Tayelet). Together with the Sherover and Goldman Promenades, the three form a continuous public park from Jabl Mukabar to the east to Abu Tor to the north. From this vantage point atop a ridge overlooking Jerusalem's Old City and the Dead Sea, tradition holds that Abraham was shown Mount Moriah as the site for the binding of Isaac as recorded in the Bible. Hidden under this ridge are the remains of an aqueduct built by Herod the Great to bring water from the south, by way of his summer palace Herodium, to the Second Temple.

This area was a no man's land in the period between the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and the reunification of Jerusalem in 1967. At one end of the promenade, on the Hill of Evil Counsel, is the United Nations Middle East Headquarters, located in the former Palace of the British High Commissioner (Armon HaNetziv).

The Jerusalem Peace Forest descends along the slope below the Promenade. The Jerusalem municipality plants a tree in this forest for every child born in Jerusalem, representing the eternal hope of peace bridging the Arab and Jewish populations.