College De Freres

from their facebook:


Collège des Frères has been a prominent Palestinian institution of education in Jerusalem for 135 years, serving students irrespective of religious affiliation or national identity. Founded in 1876 by the La Salle Brothers, a Catholic order dedicated to teaching, the purpose of the School was to provide quality education for children in Palestine, especially the poor. After more than a century, the Lassalian aims of quality and accessibility of education to all children is still the cornerstone of Collège des Frères, Jerusalem.

Throughout the years, Collège des Frères-Jerusalem has worked, along with the families and local community, to provide youth with knowledge, skills and courage to realize their potentials and successfully step forward into the world. Among the rosters of alumni who graduated from Collège des Frères-Jerusalem one will find names of many highly regarded leaders in the community in different fields; medicine, business, science, art and academia. To name but a few Aref al-Aref , Afif Safieh, Dr. Bernard Sabella, Dr. Emanual Hassasian ,Judge Michel Abdul Masieh etc. In the year 2000, Collège des Frères-Jerusalem updated its enrollment policy to a co-educational system that embraces both male and female students.


source: Collège des Frères Jerusalem